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The MSK Department of Nursing is an innovator in cancer care, research, mentorship, and training. Our model of Relationship-Based Care is designed to provide the best experience for patients and their families, our colleagues throughout MSK, and fellow nursing staff.

MSK nurses and nursing support staff provide compassionate care for adult and pediatric patients as key members of teams with deep expertise and specialization. Our nurses are committed to advancing the understanding and treatment of cancer and help drive new guidelines and develop treatment discoveries. Our evidence-based approach is reflected in groundbreaking research by nurse scientists and clinical trial nurses who help lead one of the largest programs in the country.  

We provide a comprehensive, award-winning program of continuing education that is dedicated to improving the care of all patients and helping each member of the MSK nursing team reach their potential.

Tracy Gosselin

Tracy Gosselin, PhD, RN, FAAN, is Senior Vice President and Chief Nursing Executive at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. As a key member of the MSK executive leadership team, Dr. Gosselin brings 3 decades of nursing experience to her role as leader of over 5,000 nurses and nursing staff at 17 MSK facilities.

Highlights include:   

  • Expertise in key specialty areas across the entire continuum of cancer care:
    • Acute Care Nursing
    • Critical Care Nursing
    • Emergency Oncology Nursing
    • Pediatric Nursing
    • Perioperative Nursing
    • Outpatient Nursing
    • Clinical Trials Nursing
    • Diagnostic Interventional and Procedural Nursing Services 
  • Of more than 5,400 highly skilled nurses and nursing support staff:
    • Nearly 100% earned a bachelor’s degree or more in Nursing
    • Two-thirds are certified in their specialty or subspecialty
    • One-quarter hold a master’s degree or higher
    • More than 60 have a doctoral degree
    • Nurses make up the largest group of staff at MSK

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Recognitions and Honors

The Department of Nursing at MSK is recognized as one of the leaders in the field.

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Training & Mentorship
The MSK Department of Nursing is committed to the training and mentorship of all nursing staff through every career stage. Many of our programs have been recognized as exemplary in our Magnet designation and other best-in-class honors. Among these programs are:

Two nurses at MSK

The Nurse Residency Program provides our new graduate nurses with skills to transition from student nurses to registered professional oncology nurses.

Two nurses at MSK

Mentoring@MSK pairs MSK nurses of all kinds and career stages so they can gain an inside look at a different facet of the field. 

Two nurses at MSK

SEEK, Our Evidence-based Practice Program helps inspire clinical inquiry and ensures our practice is always based on evidence.

News & Announcements
MSK nurse scientists Ann Marie Mazzella-Ebstein, Margaret Barton-Burke, and Kristen Fessele
Like all researchers, nurse scientists design studies, accumulate data, and publish their findings. Their concentration in nursing means that they’re focused on patient needs, perspectives, and outcomes. Whereas a medical doctor might study how a drug is working, a nurse scientist may take a more holistic view of how a treatment affects a patient’s and their family’s quality of life.
Melanie Steele, MPH, Director of Patient Financial Engagement at PFS
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK) is committed not only to providing exceptional cancer care but also to ensuring access to care for everyone who needs it. Unfortunately, some patients — often those whose insurance plan offers a very narrow provider network or those who are underinsured — have trouble shouldering the significant financial burden that can come with a cancer diagnosis. MSK has a special team in place to make sure these patients can still get the care they deserve.

2020 MSK Nurses Magnet Recognition

2020 MSK Nurses Magnet Recognition
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Nurses Week 2022

Nurses Week 2022
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MSK's Vision, Mission, and Core Values

MSK's Vision, Mission, and Core Values
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