MSK K12 Annual Research Symposium



- Breakfast

Adam Bass, MD
Translating the Genome in Gastric and Esophogeal Cancer

(Coffee) Break

Fresia Pareja, MD, PhD
Assistant Attending, Department of Pathology
Endosomal pH Regulation: Genetic Alterations and an Unexpected Role in Oncogenesis

Wungki Park, MD
Assistant Attending L1, Department of Medicine
Immunogenic PDAC

(Coffee) Break

Steven Maron, MD
Assistant Attending L1, Department of Medicine
Improving Targeted Therapy in Esophagogastric Cancer

Eugene Pietzak, MD
Assistant Attending, Department of Surgery
Expanding Targeted Therapies Into Non-muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer

Date & Time(s)


Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Rockefeller Research Laboratories
430 East 67th Street
Room RRL-120
New York, NY 10065


Keynote Speaker

Adam J. Bass, MD
Columbia University
Irving Professor of Medicine
Director, Center for Precision Care Medicine