Resistance Band Training


During and after cancer treatment, you may experience loss of muscle mass that can lead to muscle weakness and fatigue. In this workshop, led by an MSK clinical fitness specialist, you will learn to use resistance bands to rebuild strength for all of your large muscle groups.

Resistance bands are designed to help you with stretching and muscle strength training. They work like weights, except that instead of gravity pulling down on your muscles, you are using the tension in the elastic band. 

A regular routine using resistance bands will help you to improve your range of motion, strength, endurance, and flexibility.


Donna Wilson, MSN, RN, RRT
MSK Clinical Fitness Specialist

Date & Time(s)


You Will Need: 

  • One set of resistance bands that includes a light, medium, and heavy resistance option.
    • TheraBand is one example of a popular and easily accessible brand. 
    • Bands should be 6 inches wide by 4 feet long  
  • One mini band-resistance loop exercise band (Perform Better or other brand) 
  • Access to a computer with a webcam, tablet, or smartphone 
  • Google Chrome or Firefox as your internet browser 

You Must Be Able To:   

  • Safely move from seated to standing 
  • Stand upright with or without the aid of a chair

What to Wear: 

  • Comfortable loose clothing, such as a tank top, tee shirt, leggings or sweatpants, or workout clothing

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  • General public rate: $25
  • Integrative Medicine at Home member rate: $20

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