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Vilma’s story

Vilma Rosario’s doctors found a mass in her pelvis just months after her lymphoma had gone into remission. She met Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Ginger Gardner, who biopsied the tumor through a minimally invasive robotic procedure at MSK’s new Josie Robertson Surgery Center. Vilma was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and began chemotherapy treatments close to her home at MSK’s West Harrison location. She didn’t let the disease stop her from getting married over Memorial Day weekend.

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Jennifer’s Story

When a suitable bone marrow donor to treat Jennifer’s acute myelogenous leukemia couldn’t be found, she came to Memorial Sloan Kettering for a transplant using stem cells from umbilical cord blood. Today, the mother of two is a healthy long-term transplant survivor and back at work as CEO of a nonprofit antipoverty policy and advocacy organization.

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