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Lynne sitting on a couch with her two adult daughters.

Twist of Fate: How a Change in Diagnosis Saved Lynne's Life

Lynne Pilger was diagnosed in 2016 with a rare soft tissue sarcoma. She initially received care at another hospital near her New Jersey home. When the treatment didn’t work she turned to Memorial Sloan Kettering, where doctors made a lifesaving change in her diagnosis.

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MSK patient Mark McIntosh and surgeon Bernard Bochner

How I Took the Stage after Bladder Cancer: Mark's Story

New York City actor Mark McIntosh was diagnosed with bladder cancer after he saw blood in his urine. MSK urologic surgeon Bernard Bochner ultimately removed Mark’s bladder and gave him a substitute that wouldn’t require an ostomy bag. Today, Mark is disease free and back to work on the stage and screen.

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