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Kristin (rear), with husband Derek, children Sydney and Reece, and dog Lilly.

Living Life with Metastatic Lung Cancer: Kristin’s Story

Kristin Brown came to Memorial Sloan Kettering with a diagnosis of lung cancer. She began treatment that kept the disease at bay. When the cancer spread to her spine, she came to MSK’s Multidisciplinary Spine Tumor Service for an integrated regimen that included radiation and surgery. Today, Kristin is on a clinical trial for a new form of chemotherapy.

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Anal cancer patient Lillian Kreppel

Lillian’s Story

For Lillian Kreppel, a visit to a gastroenterologist in August 2017 led to a diagnosis of stage II anal cancer. Memorial Sloan Kettering experts created a treatment plan that would shrink the tumor without drastically affecting Lillian’s quality of life. Her positive attitude and supportive friend circle got her through a tough treatment course. Today, she is back to feeling like herself and wants to raise awareness about this rare cancer.

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