Medical Nutrition Therapy Services

Medical Nutrition Therapy Services


Our team of registered dietitians provides personalized and evidence-based medical nutrition therapy to adult and pediatric patients. They can help you manage nutrition concerns that may or may not be directly related to your cancer diagnosis. These can include:

  • Nutrition-related side effects during and after treatment
  • Safe food handling and preparation (especially important for immunocompromised patients)
  • Use of multivitamins, minerals, and other natural/ herbal products
  • Weight-gain and weight-loss management
  • Special and restricted diets
  • Cancer risk reduction

Our dietitians work closely with your doctors to provide you with recommendations that are not only based on the latest in nutrition research, but personalized to the type of treatment you are receiving.

And because good nutrition shouldn’t end when treatment does, our dietitians provide nutrition consultations tailored especially to the needs of cancer survivors.

Making an Appointment for Medical Nutrition Therapy

Any Memorial Sloan Kettering patient is welcome to make an appointment with one of our registered dietitians for medical nutrition therapy. Speak with your doctor or nurse to learn more.

You can also call us directly at 212-639-7312 for services in Manhattan.

Our Approach

Our first step in nutrition care is to conduct a nutrition screening that will help us understand your personal nutrition profile. During the screening, your dietitian will ask you about your eating habits and provide advice on how best to eat during your treatment. For some patients, we may conduct more-extensive assessments requiring ongoing follow-up care.

Our dietitians can also provide customized nutrition education to you and your family for any diets your doctor has prescribed. Lifestyle changes are often necessary to improve eating habits and health for the long term, and including your family in the process can help ease the stress of making these adjustments.

Our Expertise

Our expert dietitians are among the most highly dedicated and qualified professionals in the field of cancer nutrition care. Learn more about our team of registered dietitians.