Advanced Neoplastic Hematopathology

Advanced Neoplastic Hematopathology


The Hematopathology fellowship involves one year or an optional 2nd year of training in Hematopathology, which focuses on morphologic, flow cytometric immunophenotyping, clinicopathologic and genetic/genomic analysis of hematopoietic malignancies. The fellows have rotations in lymphoma and leukemia sign out services as well as rotations in flow cytometry, cytogenetics, molecular pathology and hematology laboratories during the first year which is ACGME accredited. However, the Advanced Neoplastic Hematopathology, is not ACGME Accredited. 

Deadline for application / Recruitment dates  

Apply, at least, 21 months prior to the anticipated start date. 

Length of program  

1 Year 


Completion of a fellowship in Hematopathology 

Number of positions  


How to apply

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Program Director

Associate Director


Angelica Angel and Sheila Vazquez
Department of Pathology Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
1275 York Avenue
New York, NY 10065
[email protected]