Nursing Research Fellowship

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Memorial Sloan Kettering/Hospital for Special Surgery Joint Pilot Program

The Nursing Research Fellowship is designed to increase nurses’ understanding and skills to conduct small research projects. The fellowship follows a practicum model as seen in academia, used as an approach to learn the skills about research guided by nurse scientist mentors on a research project. The researcher is either collaborating on a Mentor’s program of research, or on a related study of their research. Each accepted Fellow actively participates in an established program of research and applies their knowledge of research principles with a nurse scientist. The full program timeline is 18 months from the first class to a final presentation. A total of 18 protected or indirect days are required to attend formal classes and for independent assignments.

Program Goals

  • Learning conceptual and empirical foundations, study designs and methodological approaches, and statistical tools for collecting study data.
  • Preparing to submit research projects through the institution’s ethical review processes and obtain Internal Review Board (IRB) approval to conduct the study.
  • Generating research on topics that align with the institution’s mission and strategic goals.
  • Leading a small research study in collaboration with experienced Nurse Scientists in the Office of Nursing Research.
  • Presenting the culmination of your work internally at a Nursing Grand Rounds.
  • Providing ongoing scientific assistance for external dissemination of research findings at professional conferences and journal submissions.

Review the Application Process

The application is the final step in the process. All required documents must be completed prior to submitting an application. The completed documents will be uploaded while completing the application. 

This application is the sample that we will use to assess the strength of an applicant’s writing skills. This is a hint. Take time to develop your application, the proposed project, and the relationship of your study to organizational goals.

Introduction, Expectations and Schedule - PDF

Application Criteria

  1. The feasibility and specificity of their interest in research and a proposed research project
  2. Endorsement of their Nurse Leader and/or Nursing Director (one endorsement only)
  3. Alignment with organizational and Department of Nursing goals

Our scoring criteria for this application was adapted from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and will be applied to the project overview. Be sure you have included sufficient information using the attached score sheet - PDF as a guide.

Applicants will be contacted after the submission deadline to meet with the Office of Nursing Research nurse scientists for a short interview. During this meeting, the candidate will have opportunity to discuss their project with Nurse Scientists.

Complete Required Documents
All required documents below must be completed prior to submitting an application. The completed documents will be uploaded while completing the application. *Incomplete applications will NOT be considered.

  • Curriculum Vitae
    Submit a current resume or CV.
  • Letter of Support & Endorsement Form
    Applicants should seek input from colleagues and key stakeholders in determining a research project or idea. Applicant are required to obtain Endorsement Letters from frontline and/or Executive Nurse Leaders acknowledging their support for the research project, it’s alignment with institutional strategic goals, and significance to Nursing

    Letter of Support & Endorsement - PDF

Certificate(s) of completion

Modules from the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) are required for all investigators who participate in research. They are free and available to all MSK employees. Please register with your MSK email address and affiliation. These classes MUST be completed before the first fellowship class.

*CITI course is free for employees using their MSK or HSS login

Application Deadline

Monday, October 25 at 4 pm

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Office of Nursing Research
Phone: 646.888.6038