Bobst International Fellowship for Citizens of Lebanon


Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center offers full scholarships or fellowships for candidates of Lebanese birth and nationality to work in an educational capacity at MSK. These scholarships can be in clinical care and/or research.

An absolute requirement of the fellowship is that each fellow agrees to return and work in Lebanon or on behalf of a Lebanese government agency for a period of four years. Any applicant applying must fulfill all requirements for competitive fellowships at MSK such as the USMLE examination for any clinical fellowships. All candidates will be screened for eligibility by the Senior Vice President of the International Center. We don’t have a specific list of fellowship programs available; it is dependent upon the clinical / research slots available.

Please submit complete PDF grant applications along with a Curriculum Vitae, Two Original Letters of Recommendation, and Copy of Passport via email to Krystal Hasan at [email protected]. Please do not send pieces individually.

Email the following documents to Krystal Hasan at [email protected]: Curriculum Vitae, Two Original Letters of Recommendation, and Copy of Passport. Clinical Physicians at MSK must have fulfilled USMLE requirements. Please provide proof of completion.
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