Bobst International Fellowship for Citizens of Lebanon

Bobst International Fellowship for Citizens of Lebanon


Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center offers fully funded support for candidates of Lebanese birth and nationality to receive an educational experience at MSK.  These scholarships can be in clinical care and/or research.

An absolute requirement of acceptance is that each fellow agrees to return and work in Lebanon or on behalf of a Lebanese government agency for a period of four years.  Any applicant applying must fulfill all requirements for competitive fellowships at MSK such as the USMLE examination for any clinical fellowships.  All candidates will be screened for eligibility.

To apply for the scholarship, the candidate must identify an MSK staff member willing to be a sponsor either in clinical and/or research.

The program is overseen by Dr. Vivian Tabar, Chair of Neurosurgery and Dr. Nadeem Abu-Rustum, Chief of Gynecologic Surgery Service, and Dr. Murray Brennan, Chair Emeritus, Surgery.

Candidates are required to identify an MSK physician willing to provide a one-to-two-year position either in research or clinical care.  Once an MSK sponsor agrees, candidates send the below information to formally apply for the Bobst Fellowship for salary support for the MSK position. The candidate will be required to officially apply for the position as this fellowship is for salary support.   

Email the following documents to Krystal Hasan at [email protected].

Include in email:

  • Name (first/last)
  • Contact Email
  •  Mobile Number
  • Current Position
  • Applying for Clinical or Research
  • Name of MSK physician who has a position open and agrees to sponsor


  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Personal statement
  • Proof of completion of USMLE if applying for clinical position.

The application process is ongoing – notification will be sent to all applicants once the committee reviews completed applications. This scholarship is dependent upon open slots available within various departments at MSK.