It Takes MSK
Marketing Campaign

This campaign spotlights the incredible stories that come from MSK every single day. It unifies the 3 pillars of the institution — patient care, research and education — in a way that is bold and exciting. It will run throughout the tri-state area to ensure full coverage of the communities we serve. 

The campaign answers a profound question: What does it take to give someone with cancer the best possible chance to overcome their disease? 

It takes an institution that does nothing but cancer. One with a community of world-class experts across research, care and education, working together to find your cure.

It takes experts who are solving the biggest mysteries of cancer, like how and why it grows and spreads. Experts who develop new treatments that save lives and preserve quality of life. Experts with the most experienced hands, who provide the most personal and compassionate care for every patient. And experts who are training the next generation of scientists and clinicians so we can care for the patients of today and tomorrow.

It takes knowing anything is possible at a place that specializes in both the science and humanity of hope.

When it comes to cancer, it takes MSK.



It Takes MSK (TV Spot)

Video Details

Our plan is centered around reaching the tri-state area with programming that best fits interests. This includes placements in primetime TV, sports, and news. We also have sponsorships in The Today Show and within WABC’s early morning news.


Placements include higher profile publications such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Newsweek En Espanol, but also local papers such as The Star Ledger, Noticia, and Newsday since it’s important for MSK to be part of the community in this way.

Spanish Print Ad

English Print Ad

Out of Home (OOH)

Our OOH placements include digital and static billboards, subway liveboards, LinkNYC and bus shelters that run throughout the tri-state area, with special emphasis in our regional locations (Westchester, Bergen, Basking Ridge, Monmouth, Hauppauge, Commack, Nassau, and RLC).

Link NYC



EV charging station


These spots will be played on radio stations and digital streaming platforms in both English and Spanish, delivering nearly 30 million impressions and reaching over 50% of the tri-state area, including news, weather, and traffic sponsorships.

Key partners include Spotify and NPR.


Ads will run across both Facebook and Instagram on desktop and mobile.

Dr. Cercek Social Ad

Irene Social Ad

Dr. Brown Social Ad

Digital Display

Digital banners are an important component so that we’re showing up in a very relevant way for our audience.  Partnering with sites such as WebMD, Healthline, and US News allows us to efficiently deliver patient leads. 

Ad on WebMD

Ad on Healthline