MSK News Winter 2020
Alexander Drilon is leading the development of new targeted drugs that can control lung cancer better than ever before. Read about his work — and more — in our Winter issue.
Playing with Fire
Cell biologists like Philipp Niethammer are finding surprising overlaps between a particular form of programmed cell death and the process of wound detection.
Taking Aim at Lung Cancer
For many people with lung cancer, targeted therapies can provide long-term control of their disease with minimal side effects. Alexander Drilon is heading up the effort to test these drugs.
Bullseye: Targeted Drug Hits Mutations in Thyroid Cancers
Eric Sherman cared for patients in the clinical trials that led to selpercatinib’s FDA approval for thyroid cancer.
The Power of the Patient Voice
PFACQ members like Eliza Weber and Kate Niehaus work to ensure that the patient and family perspective is included in everything MSK does.
8 Questions with Ken Manotti, Chief Development Officer
As Chief Development Officer at MSK, Ken Manotti leads philanthropic fundraising efforts.
The Show Must Go On: MSK Watch Party Celebrates African American Day Parade
MSK employees celebrated the 2020 African American Day Parade with a watch party.
Fred’s Team Is Running Strong Despite Marathon Cancelation
In September, Sandy Freiberg ran a marathon with Fred’s Team to honor his brother, who is in his fifth year of cancer treatment at MSK.
Mission Possible? Revisiting the ‘War on Cancer’
In 1971, Richard Nixon launched a “war on cancer.” Progress has been made, but the fight goes on.
Your Impact: How Donations Fueled MSK’s Mission in 2020
Learn how our donor community supported MSK research to help patients like Rihanna — and see what’s ahead for 2021.
Solving the Metastasis Problem
Since 2007, Alan and Sandra Gerry have supported MSK scientists as they learn more about metastasis, the number one problem in cancer research today.
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