Cycle for Survival Makes History by Surpassing $300 Million for Rare Cancer Research

Cycle for Survival

Photo credit: Mike Lawrence for Cycle for Survival

Cycle for Survival, the movement to beat rare cancers, made history by surpassing $300 million in total funds raised through its signature stationary-cycling events. Since 2007, more than 1 million participants worldwide, including patients, caregivers, survivors, as well as Memorial Sloan Kettering clinicians, researchers, staff and trustees have taken part in events to raise money for rare cancer research at MSK. This new milestone highlights the unwavering determination of every rider, donor, and supporter, along with the tremendous collaborative effort between the entire Cycle for Survival community.

The $300 million raised by the Cycle for Survival community has equipped hundreds of MSK physicians, scientists, and researchers to pursue bold ideas and transform how cancer is diagnosed and treated. Funding from Cycle for Survival has directly supported numerous MSK innovations, including:

  • MSK-IMPACT®, a diagnostic tool that can detect mutations and other critical changes in the genes of rare cancers
  • Theranostics, a form of rare cancer treatment that harnesses the power of unique radioactive compounds to deliver therapeutics at the point of diagnosis
  • Immunotherapy, which uses the immune system to attack cancer cells, in much of the same way that it attacks bacteria or viruses

“Two of the most important advancements that have basically kept me alive in the past year were funded entirely by Cycle for Survival,” said David Ingerman, an MSK patient and Cycle for Survival participant. All of the money raised by Cycle for Survival is allocated within six months following the close of fundraising. The funds go directly to MSK for research and clinical trials for rare cancers, which affect about half of all people with cancer and include all pediatric cancers as well as thyroid, brain, ovarian, and pancreatic cancers, among many others.

“The fierce dedication of the entire Cycle for Survival community is a constant reminder to think outside the box, collaborate, and come up with new insights that offer hope to people with rare cancers,” said Craig B. Thompson, MD, President and Chief Executive Officer of MSK.

Equinox has been essential to Cycle for Survival’s success since day one as its founding partner. “From our humble yet powerful beginnings to our explosive growth and surpassing $300 million, this movement is so unique because of each person, team, and dollar working so hard to fight rare cancers,” said Scott Rosen, Executive Advisor to Equinox.

Cycle for Survival was started by Jennifer Goodman Linn, an MSK patient and Equinox member, and her husband, Dave Linn. Sixteen years ago, they gathered a group of friends and family for an indoorcycling ride in New York City. With just 230 people and 50 bikes, they raised $250,000 for rare cancer research. This year, the high-energy stationary-cycling events are being led by Equinox Group instructors in April and May at 15 outdoor locations across the country. Visit to learn more.

Maggie Hopf
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