Inside MSK Kids: Jonathan’s Journal


Hi! My name’s Jonathan. I’m from New York, and I’m in eighth grade. I love traveling with my family, snorkeling, and building Lego cars.

When I was 9, I found out I had leukemia. When my parents took me to MSK Kids, I was scared. Treatment was really hard, but everyone I met made me feel like they had my back.

For two years, I spent a lot of time on the ninth floor in the Pediatric Ambulatory Care Center, getting chemotherapy and other kinds of treatments. Sometimes I got really sick and I had to stay in the hospital overnight.

Now, I come back to MSK Kids every few months for checkups. A photographer tagged along during my most recent visit so you could meet some of the awesome people who take care of me.

MSK Kids for Child & Teen Cancer Patients
MSK Kids is dedicated to caring for children, teens, and young adults with cancer, immune deficiencies, and benign blood disorders.

Photos: Karsten Moran