Book & Documentary Request Form


As with all press-related inquiries, a media staff member in Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Department of Marketing & Communications needs to review and approve any requests for our experts to participate in book or documentary projects.

Such projects require a significant time commitment and allocation of resources to coordinate and staff them. Because of the scope of these projects – and the possibility of having to film in patient care areas – we ask that these interview and filming requests be made in writing for our consideration. We require at least one week advance notice to vet and respond to these requests prior to filming on site or having interviews scheduled.

Please fill out the following form to provide us with the details of your project. Once we review the information, we will contact you to discuss whether we are able to accommodate your request.

Can the expert’s interview be
If so, please include their names, contact information, and Memorial Sloan Kettering physician in order to obtain appropriate consent, should we choose to participate in the project.
If so, what would be the turnaround time for fact checking?
If so, please provide the name and contact information.
Alternatively, when will this book be published?