Raising Awareness and Funds: Recognizing Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month

MSK Kids staff at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

MSK Kids staff at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

MSK Kids, the pediatric oncology program at MSK, is committed to shining a light on pediatric cancer. Our clinicians and care teams are engaged in groundbreaking research that will continue to create tomorrow’s breakthroughs. While there is a significant threat to pediatric cancer research stemming from COVID-19’s impact on philanthropy, several organizations helped MSK recognize pediatric cancer awareness month (September) by fundraising for MSK Kids.

Approximately 84 percent of children with cancer are cured, compared to around 58 percent in the 1970s. This improvement is a direct result of a continual investment in research. While federal support for these efforts is fairly low to begin with, roughly four percent of the total National Cancer Institute (NCI) budget is allocated to childhood cancer research – meaning pediatric cancer programs rely heavily on philanthropy for financial support.
Every year, Memorial Sloan Kettering collaborates with Stop & Shop supermarkets to raise awareness and funds for MSK Kids. Since 2001, Stop & Shop has raised more than $25 million for pediatric research at MSK. This year, Stop & Shop ran their pediatric cancer awareness campaign for the entire month of September and their customers helped to raise $1.75 million dollars in support. One hundred percent of funds raised in the New York Metro area will benefit MSK Kids.
The Hyundai Hope on Wheels Foundation also acknowledged pediatric cancer awareness by going on a nationwide tour awarding $6.8 million dollars to 26 researchers. This year MSK’s Oriana Miltadous was the recipient of a $200,000 “Young Investigator” award to aid in her ongoing neuroblastoma research.  You can watch the virtual presentation here.
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