Gastric Cancer Nomogram


Our gastric (stomach) cancer nomogram is a prediction tool designed to help patients and their physicians calculate the likely outcome of their surgical treatment for the disease. It is appropriate for patients who have had a complete resection (surgical removal of all cancerous tissue) as their only treatment for gastric cancer. It may not be appropriate for patients who have received chemotherapy or radiation therapy before or after a complete resection for gastric cancer.

All results from this tool should be discussed with a physician and understood in the context of each patient’s program of care. Results from the gastric (stomach) cancer nomogram are based on data from patients treated at MSK, a large research institution with surgeons who perform a high volume of gastric cancer procedures. This tool has been evaluated and externally validated by two independent, high-volume gastric cancer centers (see Supporting Publications).

Use our Gastric Cancer: Disease-Specific Survival Following Surgery nomogram.