Liposarcoma Survival After Initial Surgery

Title/Description Possible Values Your Results
Age Must be between 10 and 99 years.
Sex Possible values are Male or Female
Histologic Variant (Subtype) Possible values are Well-differentiated, Dedifferentiated, Myxoid (< 5% round cells), Round cell 5 to 25%, Round cell > 25%, or Pleomorphic
Margins Possible values are Negative (R0), Microscopically Positive (R1), or Grossly Positive (R2)
Prior Procedures Possible values are No Prior Treatment or Biopsy, Prior Core or Incisional Biopsy, or Prior Excisional Biopsy of Entire Tumor
Primary Site Possible values are Lower Extremity, Upper Extremity, Trunk, Retroperitoneal without Contiguous Organ Resection, or Retroperitoneal with Contiguous Organ Resection
Tumor Burden Must be between 1 and 140 cm.
Tumor Depth Possible values are Superficial or Deep