Pictured: Paul Marks Prize Medal

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Join us on Dec. 5 to congratulate the outstanding investigators and recipients of the 2019 Paul Marks Prize for Cancer Research.

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The Paul Marks Prize for Cancer Research recognizes a new generation of leaders in cancer research who are making significant contributions to the understanding of cancer or are improving the treatment of the disease through basic or clinical research. The prize is intended to encourage young investigators who have a unique opportunity to help shape the future of cancer research.

The prize is awarded to up to three investigators every other year. Nominees are required to be age 45 or younger on the date of the submission deadline. Recipients are selected by a panel of senior investigators from leading research institutions. The winners present their work at a scientific symposium at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Each receives a medal and they share a cash award of $150,000.

  • About Paul Marks

    The prize is named for Paul A. Marks, President Emeritus of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

  • 2019 Call for Nominations

    The Paul Marks Prize is awarded every other year to up to three investigators. Nominations are now being accepted for the 2019 Paul Marks Prize for Cancer Research.

  • 2017 Prize Winners

    The winners of the 2017 Paul Marks Prize for Cancer Research are Gad Getz, Chuan He, and Aviv Regev.

  • 2015 Prize Winners

    The winners of the 2015 Paul Marks Prize are Bradley Bernstein, Howard Chang, and Daniel Durocher.

  • 2013 Prize Winners

    Simon J. Boulton, Levi A. Garraway, and Duojia (DJ) Pan

  • 2011 Prize Winners

    Scott A. Armstrong, Kornelia Polyak, and Victor E. Velculescu

  • 2009 Prize Winners

    Arul M. Chinnaiyan, Matthew L. Meyerson, and David M. Sabatini

  • 2007 Prize Winners

    Angelika Amon, Todd R. Golub, and Gregory J. Hannon

  • 2005 Prize Winners

    Tyler Jacks, Scott Lowe, and Jeff Wrana

  • 2003 Prize Winners

    Yuan Chang, John F.X. Diffley, and Nikola Pavletich

  • 2001 Prize Winners

    Titia de Lange, Stephen J. Elledge, William G. Kaelin Jr., and Xiaodong Wang