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Charles Ross Schmidtlein, PhD

Charles Ross Schmidtlein, PhD

I am an assistant attending physicist in the Nuclear Medicine Physics section of the Department of Medical Physics. I provide support for research studies on a dedicated PET and CT imaging machine.

I am interested in finding new ways to use information obtained with PET/CT imaging in radiation oncology. To accomplish this, I am developing advanced quantitative PET metrics to aid in treatment prognosis. I am also working to produce advanced image reconstruction schemes and use computer-aided machine learning to improve diagnostic sensitivity, diagnostic accuracy, and physician workflow.

In addition, I am studying dual-energy CT material decomposition to improve the sensitivity of CT scans in the early detection of metastatic disease and to better predict disease progression and treatment response.

I am active in two task groups of the American Association of Physicists in Medicine, TG-126 (Quality Assurance in PET) and TG-211 (Segmentation in PET for Radiation Oncology).