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I grew up in Minneapolis, MN and came out to the east coast for college at Brown. After college, I moved to New York for medical school at Albert Einstein. In my free time I enjoy walking my dog, taking boxing classes, and eating out in NYC. Next year I will start anesthesiology training at Mount Sinai Medical Center.

During the application process I was drawn to the TY program at MSKCC for many reasons. The attendings here are leaders in their field and are eager to teach. The hospital is incredibly well run, and as an intern it’s possible to get labs drawn, studies done, and even biopsies completed for your patients with minimal headaches. Now that I am a few months into the year, I realize that another great advantage to being a transitional year at Memorial is the sense of collaboration and friendship among the group of TYs. Also, I’ve learned that TYs are cherished throughout the hospital and that our hard work is much appreciated. This means a lot during internship! If I had to make the choice again, there is no doubt in my mind that my first choice would be to come here for internship.