Nicholas D. Socci

The Bioinformatics Core comprehensively supports MSK investigators in bioinformatics, statistics, and computational analysis. Our services include expert scientific consultation tailored to individual research needs, advanced next-generation sequence analysis for processing and interpreting high-throughput data, spatial analysis for transcriptomic and proteomic datasets, image analysis, machine learning, and extensive data analysis methods.

In addition, to these services, we develop custom analysis pipelines, create robust information management systems, and offer custom application programming to address unique research challenges. These offerings streamline data processing and analysis, facilitate efficient organization and management of research data, and enable researchers to tackle complex problems using specialized tools. Furthermore, our services include efficient database management, optimizing performance, and ensuring seamless access to vital information for investigators’ projects. Our wide range of services and continuous expansion empowers archers to access specialized tools and expert support for their research needs.


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Emily Sonzogni


Manda Wilson

Manager, Bioinformatics

Mono Pirun

Manager, Bioinformatics

Caitlin Jones

Bioinformatics Software Engineer

Raya Khanin

Associate Lab Manager

Krista Kazmierkiewicz

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