Cell Therapy and Cell Engineering Facility: Featured News

MSK physician-scientists Michele Sadelain, Isabelle Riviere, and Jae Park
Testing CRISPR-Edited CAR T Cell Therapy in Lymphoma Clinical Trial
A groundbreaking clinical trial is testing CAR T cells created using CRISPR gene-editing technology.
MSK cell manufacturing specialist Xiuyan Wang
Meet the Scientists Who Engineer CAR T Cells, a Type of "Living" Immunotherapy
An immunotherapy called CAR T is transforming the treatment of certain cancers. These are the people who make it possible.
Memorial Sloan Kettering physician-scientist Michel Sadelain.
Clinical Trial for Beta-Thalassemia Brings Important Insights for Treating Blood Disorders with Stem Cell Gene Therapy
A gene therapy approach could prove effective at treating an inherited blood disorder called beta (β)-thalassemia.