Genetically Modified Animal (GMA) Phenotyping

Sebastien Monette (Facility Head)


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 Alcian blue/PAS and IHC; Bottom row, from left: IF and Wright-Giemsa

Alcian blue/PAS and IHC; Bottom row, from left: IF and Wright-Giemsa

The tri-institutional Genetically Modified Animal (GMA) Phenotyping Service exists to serve investigators at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, The Rockefeller University, and the Weill Medical College of Cornell University by providing an extensive baseline phenotypic profile of genetically modified animals. Such a comprehensive baseline characterization will be invaluable to investigators unfamiliar with normal anatomy, histology, physiology, and age- or strain-related background lesions. Furthermore, evaluating the entire animal, as opposed to a specific tissue or organ system, will help to identify unanticipated phenotypic changes.

The phenotypic profile may include: radiographs, clinical pathology (complete blood count, serum chemistry panel, bone marrow smear); an extensive macroscopic and microscopic examination with digital images of lesions; and an electronic report. Analyses provided by ACVP board certified comparative pathologists.

The GMA Phenotyping Services shares laboratory and necropsy facilities with the Laboratory of Comparative Pathology (LCP). Facilities are located at Memorial Sloan Kettering, Weill Cornell Medical College, and The Rockefeller University.