CRIC: MSK's Clinical Research Innovation Consortium

CRIC: MSK's Clinical Research Innovation Consortium

MSK’s pathbreaking new initiative designed to 
transform clinical research through global collaborations


One of the ways that Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center is encouraging pathbreaking digital health innovation is through its new Clinical Research Innovation Consortium (CRIC), a pioneering initiative at the forefront of transforming the landscape of clinical research through technology and innovation. 

Introducing CRIC

At CRIC, our mission is to leverage MSK’s position to lead the global healthcare sector in innovation and scalability within the global clinical research space. We are building a consortium dedicated to developing novel solutions that address significant challenges in clinical research—benefitting patients, academic medical centers, research sites, clinicians, sponsors, and regulatory bodies.

Guided by our core principles, CRIC is committed to fostering innovation excellence, promoting data-driven insights, making strategic investments in internal and external technology, and providing regulatory guidance to enhance clinical research practices. Our focus runs the gamut from creating an environment to test innovative technologies and leveraging MSK’s robust clinical research portfolio, to influencing regulatory policies that elevate the standards of clinical research.

Over the next five years, CRIC aims to establish a framework for validating and scaling clinical research technology that will result in:

  • Increasing operational efficiency by decreasing overhead costs and enabling an increase in Clinical Trial revenue within five years, with technology and processes that can have the same impact at other institutions.
  • Expanding patient access through the creation of an Academic Research Organization (ARO), managing a community and global clinical trial network, and further increasing access to life-changing clinical trials.
  • Implementing advanced data analytics methodologies and utilizing AI, machine learning, and data visualization to curate data and derive actionable insights from research data. By improving decision-making processes in clinical research, CRIC empowers researchers, stakeholders, and patients with meaningful information to drive impactful advancements.
  • Establishing partnerships with regulatory bodies to develop and implement regulations and standards for clinical research.

Join Us

As an external partner, whether you represent a pharmaceutical company, regulatory body, startup, research site, or other third-party entity, we invite you to explore collaboration opportunities with CRIC. 

Together, we can navigate the future of clinical research, contribute to innovative methodologies, and shape the standards that drive progress in the industry. 

Connect with us to explore how your organization can be a part of CRIC’s mission to revolutionize clinical research and make a lasting impact on patient outcomes.  Start the dialogue by reaching out to Zachary Taft, MBA, who is one of CRIC’s co-founders and Lead, Digital Ventures, in MSK’s Office of Technology Development at [email protected]

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