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Dr. Andrei Holodny
Andrei Holodny, MD
Chief of the Neuroradiology Service

Our lab utilizes functional, diffusion, and perfusion MRI to provide pre-operative planning for patients with brain tumors. The goal of our work is to identify key areas of the brain, such as areas for language, motor, sensory, and auditory function, prior to treatment so that neurosurgical interventions can accurately target the tumor and maximally preserve surrounding brain tissue. We also investigate the presence of neurovascular uncoupling and cortical plasticity upon the setting of brain tumors as well as characterize advanced imaging methods for clinical use.

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The Andrei Holodny Lab Group


Dr. Andrei Holodny

Andrei Holodny, MD

Chief of the Neuroradiology Service

  • The Functional MRI Laboratory provides pre-operative planning for patients with brain tumors and studies the clinical applications of advanced neuroimaging techniques for brain tumor imaging.
  • Fellowship (Experimental Radiology), National Hospital at University of Oslo, 1996
  • Fellowship (Neuroradiology), New York University Medical Center, 1995
  • Residency (Radiology), New York University Medical Center, 1994
  • Intern, New York Hospital-Cornell, 1990
  • MD, The University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey-New Jersey Medical School, 1989
  • BA, Columbia University, 1984
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Nicholas Cho

Research Assistant

Madeleine Gene

Clinical fMRI Specialist

Mehrnaz Jenabi

Research Assistant

Luca Pasquini

Visiting Resident

Kyung Peck, PhD
Kyung Peck

Attending Physicist

Lab Affiliations


  • 2002-2004: Founding Chairman, Functional MRI Task Force of the ASNR
  • 2004-2006: Founding President American Society of Functional Neuroradiology (ASFNR)
  • 2004-present: Editorial Board member of the American Journal of Neuroradiology (AJNR)
  • 2005: Honorary Doctorate (honoris causa) from the Russian Academy of Medical Science
  • 2006-2007: President of the Eastern Neuroradiological Society (ENRS)
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  • 2006, 2008: Stephen A. Kieffer Award of the Eastern Neuroradiological Society
  • 2016: Honorary Doctorate (honoris causa) from the Russian Academy of Science
  • 2016: Fellow of the American College of Radiology (FACR)

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