Kyung Peck, PhD

Associate Attending Physicist

Pictured: Kyung Peck, PhD

I am a physicist specializing in MRI in the Imaging and Spectroscopic Physics section of the Department of Medical Physics. I have expertise in imaging techniques such as functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), diffusion tensor imaging (DTI), and dynamic contrast-enhanced (DCE) perfusion MRI. The primary focus of my clinical work is in treatment planning for patients with brain cancer, using fMRI and DTI to enhance the safety of neurosurgical procedures.

In my research, I use fMRI and DTI to describe the function and structure of human motor and language systems, and to study how these systems are affected in patients with brain cancer. I also work with neuroradiologists to study how metastatic spinal bone marrow cancer responds to radiation and surgical therapy using DCE perfusion MRI.

Three times a year, my fMRI laboratory teaches a course for neuroradiologists called “Hands-on Clinical Functional MRI and Diffusion Tractography.” In addition, I give lectures on fMRI, during which I teach attendees the basic principles of fMRI data processing and analysis and how to solve problems in clinical fMRI data.


  • Post-Doc, University of Florida, USA, 2001-2003
  • PhD, University of Nottingham, England, 2001
  • MSc Diploma, University of Birmingham, England, 1995