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Asmin Tulpule
Asmin Tulpule, MD, PhD

The overall goal of our research is to build a fundamental understanding of how oncogenic fusion proteins both co-opt and disrupt normal cellular pathways, in the hopes of translating this knowledge into improved therapeutics for cancer.

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Asmin Tulpule

Asmin Tulpule, MD, PhD


  • Physician-scientist Asmin Tulpule studies biomolecular condensates in cancer, with a focus on receptor tyrosine kinase (RTK)/RAS signaling and DNA double-strand break repair.
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Alexandra Cote

Research Technician

Sumit Kumar Dey

Senior Research Scientist

Shruti Menon

Postdoctoral Fellow at UCSF

Meghma Mukherjee

Master’s Student (starting March 2023)

Lab Affiliations


  • St. Baldrick’s Foundation Scholar Award (2018)
  • UCSF Physician-Scientist Scholar Program (2017-2022)

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