Career Opportunities

The Clinical Cancer Genetics Research Lab (CGRL) at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center focuses on the discovery and characterization of inherited genetic variations that influence the risk of cancer. The lab has a track record in discovery of germ-line mutations in cancer and novel loci using genome-wide association studies. The lab is currently utilizing large-scale next-generation sequencing to understand the role of rare variants that are predicted to have physiological impact in human cancers. Recent publications include: PMID: 24013638, PMID: 23544012, PMID: 23535731, PMID: 23349640, PMID: 22863192 and PMID: 22853031

The lab is seeking a postdoctoral researcher to conduct molecular biology and biochemical experiments to allow functional characterization of candidate variants identified from next-generation sequencing. In addition to essential wet lab skills such as cell culture, cloning, DNA, RNA and protein isolation, Western blot, immunoprecipitation, and reporter assays, some familiarity with genetic data sets is desirable.

The successful applicant should have a PhD degree in molecular biology, cancer biology, and/or biochemistry. Skill sets should include both wet lab and preferably cancer biology/signal transduction background. The candidate is expected to work closely with the faculty, lab director, postdocs, technicians, and clinicians dissecting the mechanism of cancer susceptibility using predominantly cell and some animal models. Memorial Sloan Kettering provides an interactive setting with opportunities for collaboration with other independent research groups.

Appointment will be on an annual basis, with a starting salary as per NIH guidelines, based on qualification and prior experience. We hope to hire in the next 45 days.

Generic applications are not encouraged. Informal inquiries are welcome and can be made to Dr. Vijai Joseph at Please note: This address is for inquiries only; CVs must be submitted following the instructions below.


Application Requirements

To apply, please email your CV and cover letter to Lauren Jacobs at Please use the subject line “#OffitLab-Postdoc2013#-{Candidate_First_Last_Name}”. Any email not in this format will not be received by our system. Please address whether you meet our specifications delineated above and include the names and addresses of two references.

This advertisement is for informational purposes only and formal applications will have to be made through the Human Resources department of Memorial Sloan Kettering, pending our initial review of your application.