Deng Lab

Our laboratory is focused on understanding how poxviruses are detected by the host innate immune sensing mechanisms and how poxviruses evade host antiviral responses. We are also interested in the development of poxvirus-based oncolytic and immunotherapy for cancers including melanoma.

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Pictured: Liang Deng

Liang Deng, MD, PhD

Research Focus

Physician-scientist Liang Deng studies poxvirus interface with the immune system and the development of poxviruses as oncolytic and immunotherapy for cancers.

Research Projects

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  • Gao, P., T. Zillinger, W. Wang, M. Ascano, P. dai, G. Hartmann, T. Tuschl, L Deng, W. Barchet, and D.J. Patel. (2014). Binding-pocket and lid-region substitutions render human STING sensitive to the species-specific drug DMXAA. Cell Rep 8:1-9.
  • Dai, P., W. Wang, H. Cao, F. Avogadri, L. Dai, I. Drexler, J. A. Joyce, T. Merghoub, S. Shuman, and L. Deng. Modified vaccinia virus Ankara triggers type I IFN production in conventional dendritic cells via a cGAS/STING-dependent cytosolic DNA-sensing pathway. PLoS Pathogens 2014;10:e1003989.
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