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Brian H. Santich, BA

Graduate Student


Nai-Kong V. Cheung and Morgan Huse

Start Year



BA, University of California, Berkeley

In science, everything can be interesting. Even the most minor differences can lead to amazing discoveries if you can ask the right questions. Additionally, no one is ever an expert. Every field changes constantly, and in order to succeed, one must keep an open mind and foster collaborations. Memorial Sloan Kettering has world-famous research (and researchers), both in the field of cancer and outside of it. Given my interests in immunotherapies, MSK was a clear choice. I felt Gerstner Sloan Kettering was a step above the rest, however, due to its course model: primary literature instead of textbooks, experts teaching the subjects they work in every day, and all of it finishing up within the first year.


Grayer Fellowship (2015-2016)


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