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Hannah Wise, BS

Graduate Student


David B. Solit

Start Year



BS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Since taking AP biology in high school and seeing all of the amazing things going on inside of a tiny cell, I have liked that, in science, answers tend to raise more questions. The ability to uncover something that no one else ever has before is always present. I want to discover everything I possibly can about the world around us. My current research interests are in signaling pathways and resistance to targeted therapies. I love lab work, and by pursuing my PhD, I get to work in a lab and create my own experiments. Being part of the supportive and close-knit community at Gerstner Sloan Kettering, at one of the top cancer research institutes in the world, and having the opportunity to live in New York City is icing on the cake.


Geoffrey Beene Graduate Student Fellowship (2014-2015)