Hikmat A. Al-Ahmadie, MD

Associate Attending Pathologist, Memorial Hospital

Hikmat A. Al-Ahmadie, MD

Associate Attending Pathologist, Memorial Hospital
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My research focuses 0n identifying the molecular and genetic characterizations of subsets of urothelial carcinoma that are associated with aggressive behavior such as small-cell carcinoma and plasmacytoid/signet ring-cell carcinoma, or those that harbor specific genetic aberrations that can be subjected to targeted therapy such as FGFR3 mutations and Her2 amplification. Our findings support the presence of unique genotype-phenotype correlation in these subsets of bladder cancer, as in the case of tumors that harbor mutations in FGFR3 and CDH1.

Recognizing this correlation may help to prospectively select patients for targeted therapy. We are also trying to determine the functional and clinical relevance of these alterations on tumor biology.

In addition, I am a collaborator on a number of research projects to define the genetic landscape of bladder cancer, both with investigators at our institution and in national efforts such as The Cancer Genome Atlas.


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