Experienced Postdoctoral Fellow for a Sarcoma Biology Research Lab

Experienced Postdoctoral Fellow for a Sarcoma Biology Research Lab


Looking for an experienced Postdoctoral Fellow to join an NIH funded laboratory dedicated to gene target identification and drug discovery in soft tissue sarcoma through a genome-wide genetic and functional analysis. The overall goal of the lab is to perform a comprehensive molecular genetic and functional analysis of soft tissue sarcoma, so as to elucidate the mutational programs and pathways involved in sarcomagenesis and to identify novel therapeutic targets. Sarcoma tissue samples and cell lines are subjected to a multiplatform genome-wide characterization of expression of protein-coding genes and microRNAs, DNA copy number changes, activating mutations, gene rearrangements and methylation profiling. These data are then used to identify both genetically distinct subtypes of sarcoma and molecular signatures associated with tumor morphology, grade, recurrence, and survival. To identify potential therapeutic targets, our lab screens the genes and microRNAs in these signatures for involvement in proliferation, differentiation, and survival of sarcoma cell lines. Potential targets are validated by functional assays in additional cell lines and in xenograft models. Results will be translated into new therapeutics for soft tissue sarcoma.

Qualified applicants should have expertise in molecular and cell biology and one or more of the following areas: computational biology/NGS data analyses, cancer biology, and genetically engineered mouse models. The candidate should have a strong publication record (1st author peer-reviewed publications) and possess strong spoken and written English language skills. The qualified applicant must possess a Ph.D.

Mailing Address

Samuel Singer, MD
Sarcoma Biology Lab
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
[email protected]

Application Requirements

  • Curriculum Vitae including list of publications
  • Cover letter indicating research interests
  • Contact Information of three referees