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Combalia M*, Codella N*, Rotemberg V*, Carrera C, Dusza S, Gutman D, Helba B, Kittler H, Kurtansky NR, Liopyris K, Marchetti MA, Podlipnik S, Puig S, Rinner C, Tschandl P, Weber J, Halpern A, Malvehy J. Validation of artificial intelligence prediction models for skin cancer diagnosis using dermoscopy images: the 2019 International Skin Imaging Collaboration Grand Challenge. The Lancet Digital Health. 2022 May 1;4(5):e330–9.

Kentley J, Sun M, Dusza S, Halpern A, Rotemberg V “Accuracy of commercially available smartphone applications for the detection of melanoma” British Journal of Dermatology, In Press

Daneshjou R, Smith M, Sun M, Rotemberg V*, Zou J* “Lack of Transparency and Potential Bias in Artificial Intelligence Data Sets and Algorithms,” In Press, JAMA Dermatology

Rotemberg V, Kurtansky N, Betz-Stablein B, Caffery L, Chousakos E, Codella N, Combalia M, Dusza S, Guitera P, Gutman D, Halpern A, Helba B, Kittler H, Kose K, Langer S, Lioprys K, Malvehy J, Musthaq S, Nanda J, Reiter O, Shih G, Stratigos A, Tschandl P, Weber J, Soyer HP. “A Patient-Centric Dataset of Images and Metadata for Identifying Melanomas Using Clinical Context.” Scientific Data 8(1):34 (2021) doi: 10.1038/s41597-021-00815-z.


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