Yukako Yagi Lab Group

Dr. Yagi’s digital pathology laboratory at the Josie Robertson Surgical Center will provide an incubator to explore and evaluate new technology to advance digital pathology in a clinical setting and actively engage vendors to help improve the technology and develop clinical applicability. Collaborations with clinical departments (e.g., Surgery), Radiology, Medical Physics, and Informatics groups will enhance the assessment and create opportunities for multidisciplinary applications.

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Pictured: Dr. Yukako Yagi

Yukako Yagi

Research Focus

Digital pathology scientist Yukako Yagi, PhD studies the development and validation of technologies in digital imaging.


PhD, Tokyo Medical University, Japan

Lab Members

Selected Achievements
  • Distinguished Service Medal (Nikon) - 1994
  • Natural Vision Project, Japanese Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, Fellowship awarded, but not accepted - 2000
  • Advanced Pathology Informatics, Imaging and the Internet (APIII), Honourable Mention – Electronic poster - 2000
  • Japan Telepathology, Virtual Microscopy Association, Distinguished Service Medal in Digital Pathology - 2011