Summer Student Program FAQs

Summer Student Program FAQs


1. Do I need to apply for the program every year, even if I was accepted previously?

Yes, you must formally apply each and every year. The program is not set up for long-term mentorship.

2. Can my lab project be used for competition in national science contests?

The internship in the program is only for eight weeks. We cannot guarantee that the faculty mentor will agree to host the student for longer than the 8-week commitment.

3. Who is eligible for the HOPP Student Summer Program?

All high-school Freshmen to high-school Seniors are eligible to apply. In addition, all participants must provide employment eligibility verification.

4. May I participate in the program for a shorter time period?

Participants are required to complete the full eight weeks of the program onsite through the end of the last day. There are no exceptions. Students unable to adhere to these requirements should not apply. If you don’t complete the full eight weeks, you will not receive a stipend.

5. If I am accepted, how long will I have to confirm that I will participate in the HOPP Summer Student Program?

After you are accepted, you are expected to confirm your participation in the program within three days of the notification. If you don’t, you will forfeit your spot in the program.

6. Can I mail in my application?

No. All parts of the application (including recommendation letters) must be submitted in a PDF format and submitted through our online application system. If you have issues uploading your application, email your documentation to [email protected].

7. May I contact the faculty member of a particular project?

Applicants are not permitted to contact individual faculty members during the application process. If you don’t abide by this policy, you will be disqualified from consideration.

8. Who should write recommendation letters for me?

In order for your application to be reviewed, you must have 2 strong recommendation letters from an academic advisor or scientific advisor. The letter should come from someone who can attest to your knowledge, interest, and strength in science, chemistry, and/or biology. Recommendation letters from family or friends will not be accepted.

9. Where are you located? Do you provide housing and/or transportation?

All student research will be conducted on the Main Campus of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center on the Upper East Side in Manhattan. We do not provide housing and/or transportation. Should you be accepted into the program, you are responsible for arriving here. 

10. What are the dates and hours of the program?

Typically, the program runs from the end of June to mid-August. It is a full-time internship, so students are expected to commit to 40 hours per week, Monday to Friday. Students hours vary depending on the mentor’s schedule but usually are either 9AM-5PM or 10AM-6PM.

*Please note due to COVID-19 restrictions this schedule is subject to change.

11. Whom should I contact if my parent or teacher has further questions?

Please contact Program Administration by e-mail at [email protected] or by calling 646-888-2013. Please note that we prefer responding via e-mail due to the high volume of requests.


Log off Feature: Please use the log-off button anytime you wish to navigate away from the site. Remember that you are able to start, save, and come back to your application at any time. Please remember to log off when you are away from your computer to protect your private information.

System Generated Emails: You will receive a few system generated emails during your application process. They are listed below. Please do not reply to these emails, as they are meant to be reminders and notifications. The email address that you will receive emails from is [email protected].

  1. Reset Password - email instructions on how to reset your password
  2. Registration Confirmation - confirms your registration for a new account and allows you to start your HOPP Summer Student Program Online Application
  3. Application Complete - confirms that Program Administration has received your application and it will be reviewed.
  4. Application Deadline Reminders - Reminders will be sent to all those with pending applications encouraging them to submit their application before the deadline.
  5. Reference Letter Received - notifies you that a recommendation letter has been uploaded to your profile. Please note, you are not able to review your recommendation letters.