Career Opportunities


Aligned with MSK’s core mission — “To lead in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and cure of cancer through programs of excellence in research, education, outreach, and cost-effective patient care” — the MSK MIND initiative will advance excellence in computational research within the MSK data ecosystem to drive discovery. MSK MIND is a new division of Computational Oncology and is searching for talented self-driven computational and statistical scientists — MSK MIND Scholars — to propel in-depth integrative analysis of multiple radiologic, histologic, genomic, molecular, and clinical information derived from the MSK patient population. She or he will also develop and implement machine learning and AI-driven analysis frameworks and statistical tools to be utilized more broadly across a range of project goals in the institution.

Sr. Computational Biologist, MSK MIND Scholars

Are you a machine learning or artificial intelligence scientist who strives to tackle the major contemporary challenges facing cancer research scientists and clinicians? MSK has initiated a unique and transformative data-driven research endeavor to unlock features in imaging, molecular, and clinical data that will better predict patient outcomes and ultimately be translated to improved patient care. Simultaneously, this program will create a data platform for large-scale multi-modal data integration and research. As a significant portion of cancer research has firmly moved into the realm of the quantitative sciences, interdisciplinary collaborations between clinicians, molecular biologists, and computational biologists now underpin modern scientific advances. The MSK MIND Scholars program, a new and prestigious career development opportunity, is recruiting exceptional data and computational scientists to develop and apply contemporary computing techniques that will synthesize high-dimensional and disparate measurements of the complex biological system that is a cancer.

Join our team at MSK and embrace the opportunity to tackle new analytical challenges with unprecedented high-volume clinically annotated complex and multi-modal datasets, while impacting health care with advances for cancer patients. Our initial program is targeting lung, breast, colorectal, and ovarian cancers. We will synthesize and perform biomarker discovery using data from thousands of highly curated and annotated clinical records linking to our vast genome sequencing (MSK-IMPACT), digital pathology, and radiology image archives. Interested candidates should apply here.

Software and Data Architect, MSK MIND Engineers

MSK MIND is looking for a software and data architect to help implement the MSK MIND data platform that will integrate multi-dimensional datasets and enable advanced analytics including machine learning and artificial intelligence. You will be working closely with other software and data engineers, data scientists, clinicians, and molecular biologists.