A Closer Look at Breakthroughs in Medicine for Brain Metastasis

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MSK medical oncologist Bob Li discusses new opportunities in brain metastasis care thanks to innovative technology and medical breakthroughs.

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Times have changed, and I'm really proud to say that we are leading that change here at Memorial Sloan Kettering.


So, I’m going to go ahead and dissolve it.


We are now seeing unprecedented responses in brain metastasis through medicines, which are traditionally not thought to be active against brain metastasis because of blood-brain barrier, but through innovative technology and medical breakthroughs, this is now happening in front of our eyes.


We can let the investigator know that we are ready to go.


The Window of Opportunity program is really the next wave of innovative studies we're rolling out. These are opportunities in clinical care before standard routine treatment through an innovative medicine given just before surgery for a period of time to see if we can shrink that tumor and ensure the optimal surgical outcome for these patients.

Patients are monitored very closely. If there's a signal that this is a promising therapy, we would then expand this therapy to more and more patients. We then move it to a multi-center study in other parts of the world. So, these provide windows for new drug development, new drug discovery, new techniques to be put in to further improve the outcome and the survival of patients.

As we constantly do this, the pace of acceleration will feed itself for more discovery. That is the treatment of tomorrow, and that sets MSK apart.