How Can Cancer Patients Protect Themselves from COVID-19?

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Learn what steps people with cancer can take to guard themselves against COVID-19.

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Hi, my name is Wayne Quashie and I'm a clinical nurse specialist at Memorial Sloan Kettering. There are many things you can do to avoid being infected with COVID-19. One of the major things you need to really do is really perform frequent hand washing, and that's with soap and water, or with a hand sanitizer for at least 20 seconds. The other thing you can do is really avoid close contact with individuals that are sick, or even when in public at least stays at least six feet away from individuals. When you go out into the public, remember to wear a cloth face cover, and remember to wash your hands before putting it on, and before taking it off. Remember, the face cover is to protect others from you just in case you may be ill. Respiratory etiquette is another thing that you can do. What does that mean? Respiratory etiquette means that when you cough or sneeze, you make sure and do that within a tissue or within the inside of your elbow. And what do you do after that? Remember to wash your hands. And the last thing, is that when you are at home clean and frequently disinfect any frequently used surfaces, such as your phones, keyboards, your tables and so on. It's a difficult time out there, but with these tips, you can prevent yourself from becoming ill. So remember, be safe out there.