Learn About MSK's Adult Survivorship Program

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Dr. Ginger Gardner highlights the expert care people receive after they finish active cancer treatment and move into MSK’s Adult Survivorship Program

Adult Survivorship Program
Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Adult Survivorship Program offers comprehensive services to people who have completed treatment.
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Welcome. You’ve reached an important milestone in your cancer journey.

I’m Dr. Ginger Gardner, a gynecologic surgeon here at Memorial Sloan Kettering.

Now that your cancer treatment is behind you, I’m excited to discuss what lies ahead as your care is transitioned to the Adult Survivorship Program at MSK. This is the next phase of your cancer journey — you’re moving from cancer-focused treatment to holistic, quality-of-life care. And that’s great news.

Our Survivorship providers are experts in dealing with your cancer and the challenges that survivors like you may experience as a result of prior treatment. That is what they do every day. They have expertise that general practitioners don’t necessarily have.

Your Survivorship Advanced Practice Provider, or APP, will continue to monitor you for cancer recurrence, but will also address other important aspects of your health including screening recommendations for other cancers, physical exams and testing, counseling on healthy living habits, and emotional resources, as well as referral to experts — whether they be within or outside of MSK.

Within Survivorship, all of your care will be completely integrated.

We know how much trust you have developed with your cancer provider and how hard it can be to start seeing someone new. We’re not removing you from your current MSK provider — rather, adding a new expert to your care team. And if you ever need your cancer doctor, they’re simply a phone call away.

Your primary MSK physician will guide you along this transition and put your mind at ease so you can start putting cancer behind you.