Adult Survivorship Program

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Dr. Ginger Gardner highlights the expert care people receive after they finish active cancer treatment and move into MSK's Adult Survivorship Program. 
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The goal of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center’s (MSK) Adult Survivorship Program is to help you move forward with your life while carefully monitoring your disease. The new focus of your care will be your overall health and wellness. We understand that you have been through a lot, and we recognize that you may experience new challenges now that your treatment has ended. Our Survivorship advanced practice providers (APPs) are specially trained to help you live your healthiest life. For your convenience, you can also download the Adult Survivorship Program brochure.

Srinivas, 41, Colorectal Survivorship Clinic participant since 2018

“At my first Survivorship clinic visit, my APP knew the details of my medical history even though I was meeting her for the first time. She had a comprehensive set of recommendations for me that we continue to update every time we meet.” —Srinivas, 41, Colorectal Survivorship Clinic participant since 2018

What to Expect From the Adult Survivorship Program

  • A review of your medical history
  • Continued surveillance for recurrence
  • Screening recommendations for other cancers
  • Management of treatment-related side effects
  • Physical exam and testing as needed
  • Emotional support
  • Counseling on healthy living habits
  • Referrals to experts and resources
  • A Survivorship Care Plan

It is important to see your primary care physician (PCP) for regular visits. They will be routinely updated on your follow-up plan of care.

Let Us Help

Your Survivorship advanced practice provider (APP) is another member of your MSK team and is an expert in your diagnosis. Your Survivorship care will be completely integrated with the care you’ve already received at MSK.

Your team has unique expertise in the issues that you might face after completing treatment. Providing comprehensive care to cancer survivors is what we do every day. It means you’ll have more people in your corner. We’re here to put your mind at ease, so you can start putting cancer behind you.

Mike, 59, Urology Survivorship Clinic participant since 2015

“Being in MSK’s Survivorship program under the care of an APP put my mind at ease. It gave me the confidence to start putting cancer behind me.” —Mike, 59, Urology Survivorship Clinic participant since 2015

Our disease-specific clinics include:

Most survivors in our program were diagnosed during adulthood. If you were diagnosed as a child or young adult, please consider our Adult Long-Term Follow-Up Program or Long-Term Follow-Up Program for Children.

Your doctor will provide you with Survivorship care if you don’t see a clinic for your specific cancer listed here. We are expanding our clinics to help people with other types of cancer. 

Information on our services for survivors may be helpful to you regardless of where you’re being treated, as may the National Cancer Institute’s information on Survivorship.

Your Next Step Into Survivorship

Your primary MSK physician will guide you as you move into Survivorship. We know how hard it is to see someone new after you’ve developed close relationships with your current doctors and nurses. Rest assured, your care team is confident that this is the right next step for you. And you can always reach out to anyone you have seen here at MSK. They will always be here for you. You’re in good hands.