Meet MSK Kids Pediatric Neurologist & Neuro-Oncologist Yasmin Khakoo

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Yasmin Khakoo is the Director of the MSK Kids Child Neurology Program. Learn about her expertise in caring for children and young adults with primary brain tumors.

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How are you? Hi, Dashley.

My biggest hope when families have had their first appointment is that they feel that we are a team and that we work together and that they are in the best hands possible to help their child.

My name is Yasmin Khakoo, and I’m a pediatric neurologist neuro-oncologist. I was born in the Bronx to immigrant parents who were both physicians. I love children. I wanted to be an educator — I wanted to be a third grade teacher. And I went to college and realized I was really good at science and sort of fell into my fate.

We’re just going to check you out today. Any headaches? Any changes in your vision?


My areas of expertise include taking care of children and teenagers who have primary brain tumors. I also take care of children and teenagers who have other kinds of tumors that may metastasize to the brain.

When you first come to MSK with your child, wherever you are in your journey, my goals are two. One, cure and treat the child's cancer. 

We don’t see any sign of any tumor coming back.

But secondly is to have excellent quality of life and to preserve functioning. I try to protect the children's brains from any side effects that their medications may cause.

You could do the teaching, and you’re going to see them the next visit, too.

Our team at MSK Kids focuses not only on providing the best cancer care plan for your child; we take a holistic approach to your child's treatment. Examples of these services include integrative medicine, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy as well as child life services to provide emotional support. 

You going to go to camp this summer?


The things that really connect me with the children is their curiosity. They’ll always ask questions. They'll say, you know, can I have my friend come over for a play date tomorrow? And it just reminds me that these children have lives outside our institution. And they want to be happy and enjoy their world. 

You always do me one better. I love it.

And I think that MSK Kids really helps to optimize their life while they're on treatment and thereafter.