Meet MSK Surgeon Alice Wei

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Alice Wei is a surgeon specializing in diseases of the liver, bile duct, gallbladder, and pancreas. Learn more about her role in providing outstanding, specialized care to patients.

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It's important for us as doctors to remember that cancer is only a part of a patient's life.

My name is Alice Wei. I specialize in surgery for cancers of the bile duct, pancreas, liver, and gallbladder.

When patients come see me, they're always worried before they come. I hope that they feel reassured that even if we don't have all the answers on the very first day, that I will work with them to find the answers and develop a plan that allows them to feel better, and be better, and live longer with the disease they have.

We integrate all of their cancer treatments together so that the patients, when they meet me, will also be informed about chemotherapy, about radiation, about surgery; when we use them, what sequence we use them, and if they're appropriate treatment options for the patient.

MSK is able to offer high-volume, specialized care for complex cancers of the liver and pancreas. We know for these diseases that the experience of the surgical team directly translates into excellent results for patients.

They're going to have a range of tailored surgeries for them that are not going to be available at many places in the nation, if any others, besides ours.

The number of treatments available in the last decade have really multiplied. Patients should have hope that they will live longer, even when they have a diagnosis of pancreas cancer.

Being a surgeon is very fulfilling. We're with them at some of the scariest times in the patient's lives, and we see them through it, and we see them as they are back to their regular selves, which is incredibly satisfying.