Mini Kamboj on Cancer and COVID-19

VIDEO | 01:04

Hear Chief Medical Epidemiologist Mini Kamboj describe why it was important to continue cancer care during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Show transcript

Mini Kamboj: When we say MSK, we think about cancer care.

I want to take a step back to the first SARS outbreak, the SARS-1 outbreak that happened in 2003.

The number of individuals who died because of delay in their cancer treatment far superseded the number of individuals who were affected by the infection.

And we did not want that to repeat.

I ask myself, what makes MSK so special? It’s the people. That’s what makes MSK.

And it becomes so evident in a moment of crisis because MSK has the best and the finest. 

And that really comes out, as it did back in the Spring.

And everyone who’s here deeply believes in the mission and values of this institution.

And I think that collaborative spirit is, is something that makes me extremely proud.