Movement to Reduce Foot Pain

VIDEO | 01:22

Touch therapist Rocco Caputo shares exercises to diminish foot pain.

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Rocco Caputo: Let's talk about foot pain. A lot of times pain in the feet comes from when nerves get compressed in your hip or your ankle. A good way to stretch this is taking your ankle, put it on your knee, taking your palms, putting them up and putting your elbows on your knee and your ankle. Then we'll take a breath and drop our head as we just let ourselves fold forward. We're going to hold this for about 30 seconds.

Then, for anything that's going on in the ankle, we can take a hole in the ankle while we're holding our foot and we can make some nice circles. All of this can be done from a bed also. So, if you're on a bed, all you have to do is drop one leg off the bed and keep your knee bent, and then just bring your whole body forward, drop your head, and do that for about 30 seconds. Hopefully this will help. It can't hurt. So why don't you give it a try.