MSK Nassau Virtual Tour

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Take a virtual tour of our MSK Nassau outpatient location, which offers residents of Long Island the benefit of receiving treatment and rehabilitation close to home. 

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When you're diagnosed with cancer, you don't know what your future holds. You don't know how you're going to feel with the treatment. You don't know if your life is going to be affected.

"How are you doing?"


When men and women face a cancer diagnosis, they are afraid. And here at Memorial Sloan Kettering Nassau, we're helping overcome that fear and to get back into the lives that are so important to them.

MSK Nassau is an amazing location, where our patients can get the most advanced care closer to home.

We have a tremendous team here. All of us together are taking care of every patient. Our goal here is to not only come up with the best treatment plan possible but to also get them through the treatment.

This new location in Nassau County is absolutely beautiful. And I think it has all the conveniences that patients will be looking for.

It's a very open space. It's not confined. There are windows everywhere. It's very bright.

It doesn't look like a hospital. The waiting rooms look like living rooms. We have an area which patients and their families can actually play chess and other games, while they're waiting. It's very welcoming. It almost feels like home.

The big advantage of this space is that we can do pretty much everything but the actual surgery.

This includes the most up- to- date CT scans, MRI, PET scan imaging, and linear accelerators that are available.

The radiation machines are able to precisely and accurately target the areas of concern, while decreasing any exposure to the surrounding normal tissue.

Sometimes patients have exhausted standard treatments, and they seek other new medications, which are only available through clinical trials. We pride ourselves in offering the newest clinical trials to the community.

We have other services, such as social workers, nutritionists. We also have a rehab clinic for patients who require that.

We have everything a patient would need under one roof here.

As a native Long Islander, to be able to deliver the therapy that can be offered in Manhattan right here is an excellent opportunity for patients of Nassau County.

They made me feel like family. They called me by my name and asked me how am I doing. It builds my spirit up when I come to treatment. I like that.

I really hope that people walk through this door and can literally feel the MSK difference. Our focus on making sure that they not only get the best chance at a cure, but also get the best overall experience just as a human being going through what they're going through.