MSK Offers Students a Spectrum of Education Unlike Any Other

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Learn more about MSK’s graduate, postdoctoral and medical education programs.

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Ushma Neill, PhD: We have 1500 trainees without whom MSK wouldn’t happen.

Monika Shah, MD: Our trainees are the heart and soul of our institution. They are the fabric of what we do and how we do, they're the ones doing the work.

Chi Nguygen, Graduate Student: I go to the lab every single day, start a few experiments. I meet with my direct mentor to discuss results or to brainstorm new ideas and how to proceed.

Hana Andrlova, MD: I work on the ways to make the immune system stronger especially in the patients who are receiving bone marrow transplantation.

Susan De Wolf, MD: We have the privilege of just getting to focus on a patient population who has come here for a reason. And we get to put blinders on a little bit and just focus on our specialty.

Chi Nguygen, Graduate Student: When you show up to work, when you do new experiments, there is always room that you find something that you’ve never known before.

Michael Overholtzer, PhD: Our students are these resilient creative driven individuals who want to come here and do something original.

Hana Andrlova, MD: Nine out of 10 experiments will show you no difference and that’s really frustrating. And then that one that really stands out and shows you a difference either in one way or the other that’s the exciting part.

Susan De Wolf, MD: I think the biggest surprise has been sometimes I’ve sort of said things to my clinical mentor, my research mentor thinking well this would be really cool or maybe we should try this and then we’ve actually done it.

Monika Shah, MD: Over 50% of our faculty have trained in an MSK Training Program, that’s why these programs are so important to the entire clinical academic and scientific operation of our institution.

Ushma Neill, PhD: These are the innovators. These are the scientists and the clinicians staffing our labs. They are the ones who are truly responsible for transforming MSK.