Tips to Help with Constipation

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Touch therapist Rocco Caputo shows how to assist your child if they are unable or are too young to exercise their bowels on their own.

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Rocco Caputo: Hey parents, if your child is unable or too young to do any of the stuff that we just did in order to get their bowels moving, here's a great way to get them to do some of the exercises that we were just doing while you assist them.

You just put their little feet on your biceps, you grab just under the calves, and then you can assist in all the things that we were just doing. You can have them move their knees, they can go side to side, you can move their hips a little bit if we just kind of keep the knees nice and straight and we can bring it up and down. All of these things will help with constipation. I hope this helps.