What is Proton Therapy for Lung Cancer?

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Lung cancer expert David Jones explains the benefit of treating some lung cancer patients with Proton Therapy. 

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As an institution, we've made a huge commitment to open up our very own New York Proton Center which we did in August 2019 and this is fully operational now here in Manhattan and we can actually treat upwards of about 110 patients a day.  We actually have probably one of the, if not, the world's experts leading that center and I think we'll see more proton therapy for lung cancer. We're increasingly using proton therapy, which is a type of radiation therapy, because the damage to normal adjacent tissues that are adjacent to the tumor is minimized because the amount of exit energy, if you will, from the protons to the normal healthy tissue is minimized significantly. In lung cancer patients, we treat tumors often with proton therapy when they’re near important structures, things like the aorta or the heart or the spinal cord and we've had a really amazing success.