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David R. Jones, MD



Chief, Thoracic Service, Department of Surgery; Co-Director, Druckenmiller Center for Lung Cancer Research; Fiona and Stanley Druckenmiller Chair in Lung Cancer; Executive Vice-Chair, Department of Surgery

Clinical Expertise

Lung and Esophageal Cancers; Thymic Malignancies; Pulmonary Metastases; Germ Cell Tumors, Mediastinal Tumors, Tumors of the Trachea and Bronchus, Minimally Invasive Surgery; Video-Assisted Thoracic Surgery (VATS); endobronchial ultrasound (EBUS)


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About Me


MD, West Virginia University


General Surgery - West Virginia University; Thoracic Surgery - University of North Carolina


Molecular Oncology - University of North Carolina

Board Certifications

General Surgery; Thoracic Surgery

As a thoracic surgeon for more than 23 years, I have devoted my clinical practice to diagnosing and treating patients with lung cancer, esophageal cancer, tumors of the mediastinum (thymus gland and germ cell tumors), and tumors that have metastasized (spread) to the lung from other parts of the body. In addition to serving as Chief of Thoracic Surgery, I am the Co-Director of the Druckenmiller Center for Lung Cancer Research at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

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I am committed to enhancing the quality of care and the outcomes for all patients who receive thoracic surgery at MSK. I frequently meet with patients who request second or third opinions regarding the best treatment options for their disease.

Each year, I see approximately 1,350 patients and perform more than 350 operations. The vast majority of the lung cancer surgeries and esophageal cancer resections I perform are done using minimally invasive approaches, such as video-assisted thoracic surgery (VATS). These enable the surgeon to make smaller and fewer incisions during the operation and often result in patients having less pain and a faster recovery. I was one of the first thoracic surgeons in the United States to develop expertise in these techniques.

I am also involved in multiple national and international clinical trials examining the role of surgery combined with immunotherapy and targeted therapies for people with operable lung and esophageal cancers. 

Being diagnosed with cancer is an overwhelming life event. When patients and caregivers meet with me, I hope they leave with a sense of hope about their future. I want them to know that I, together with a whole team of cancer experts, will do our best to take good care of them.

Most patients are concerned about how cancer may impact their life expectancy as well as how the disease and related treatments will affect their quality of life. I take the time to tailor a treatment plan that maximizes the opportunity to cure a person’s cancer while minimizing the potential complications and side effects of surgery, such as pain, infection, or reduced lung function. When appropriate, the plan may also include the opportunity to participate in a clinical trial.

I became interested in thoracic surgical oncology during my residency when I was in the research laboratory studying how lung and esophageal cancers develop into aggressive tumors. Today, my research focuses on the molecular mechanisms that lead to cancer metastases in people with early-stage lung and esophageal cancers. We are identifying the genetics of tumor tissue and blood to guide therapy, provide risk assessment for recurrence of disease, and better understand the biology of these cancers. In addition, our group has been a pioneer in studying the effects of certain treatments before surgery, such as immunotherapy and other therapies that target the molecules involved in cancer growth. 

Outside of work, I enjoy traveling, reading books, fine wine, and spending time with friends and family. I have two amazing daughters and a wife who enjoy travel as much as I do. We have been to many places in Asia and Europe but are always planning the next trip.

Awards and Honors

  • National Cancer Institute, Board of Scientific Counselors (2019-2024)
  • Secretary, American Association for Thoracic Surgery (2017-2022)
  • President, Southern Thoracic Surgical Association (2016-2017)
  • Chair, Tumor Progression Metastasis Study Section, National Cancer Institute (2014-2016)
  • West Virginia University School of Medicine Distinguished Alumnus (2013)
  • Castle Connolly: America’s Top Doctors for Cancer (2006-present)
  • American Association for Cancer Research Career Development Award for Translational Lung Cancer Research (2001)


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Research and Publications

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David R. Jones discloses the following relationships and financial interests:

  • AstraZeneca
    Ownership / Equity Interests; Provision of Services
  • Genentech
    Provision of Services
  • Medtronic
    Provision of Services
  • Merck & Co Inc.
    Provision of Services (uncompensated)
  • PeerView Institute for Medical Education (PVI)
    Provision of Services
  • Shanghai Jo'Ann Medical Technology Co., Ltd
    Provision of Services

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