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2016 Annual Report

In our 2016 Annual Report, we explore all the ways in which innovation touches every aspect of life at MSK. We address cancer’s intricacy from every possible angle, both by thinking creatively and by utilizing the latest, most pioneering advances in technology, basic and clinical research, treatment, and patient care.

In 2016, our scientists and clinicians made field-changing discoveries that will shape the future of treatment for people with cancer around the world. We unearth new answered to old questions about fundamental biological processes. We tested and perfected novel technologies and brought them directly to patients. We led the development of drugs for cancer s that haven’t seen new therapies in decades — and brought them through to FDA approval. And we opened new locations and refreshed existing ones to better accommodate the needs of our unique patients.

In this report, you’ll get to know some of the revolutionary thinkers and caring individuals that make MSK a place like no other. And you’ll see why 2016 was truly a study in innovation.